Each week on Wonderful, Thanks, Brooklyn comedians Ramsey Ess and Adam Maid invite a guest to discuss the stories, facts and thoughts they have about that week's word.
Each week on Wonderful, Thanks, Brooklyn comedians Ramsey Ess and Adam Maid invite a guest to discuss the stories, facts and thoughts they have about that week's word.

Episode Thirty-Three - Rootin’ Tootin’ with Tim Dunn

Word: Rootin’ Tootin’
Guest: Tim Dunn
Bio: Tim is just a ball of funny energy. Always hilarious, always  ridiculous. Tim has worked as an actor in a wide variety of projects, has been a part of UCB’s Maude Night with the teams “mix tape ‘98,” “GORILLA GORILLA,” and currently with “Neighbor Boy.” He’s also been a part of some very long running shows at that theater such as “Brad Sacks Gets a Handjob” and “Waiting for Obama” among others. Check out his website, watch all his videos and be sure to follow him on Twitter while you’re at it.

Discussed: News bloopers, The St. Louis Cardinals, the age at death of various public figures, and space simulators.

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Episode Thirty-Two - Authority with Mike Sacks

Word: Authority
Guest: Mike Sacks
Bio: You’re probably already familiar with Mike Sacks because he’s very funny and very prolific. Over the years he’s written for Vanity Fair, Esquire, The New Yorker, Time, The New York Times and many, many more magazines. He’s also written two fantastic books, And Here’s the Kicker: Conversations with 21 Humor Writers About Their Craft and a collection of humor pieces called Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason. He also co-wrote Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk along with writers from The Onion, Conan, Bob’s Burgers and Vanity Fair. Check out his writing here and his Twitter feed here.

He also has many other credits, too numerous to list here, which you can hear about in this episode. Enjoy!

Discussed: The Capitol Steps, Small Wonder, jail cells and (briefly) Jack Benny.

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Episode Thirty-One - Gold with D’Arcy Carden

Word: Gold
Guest: D’Arcy Carden
Bio: D’Arcy’s great! She is on the supersketchteam “Stone Cold Fox,” the equallysuperimprovteam “The Curfew" in addition to being one of the hosts of the weekly variety show "Gentrify.” She’s in a number of great webseries, and has quickly become one of the best Twitter-ers out there.

Discussed: Trees, Lenny Kravitz coincidences, the Internet presence of old comedians, and so much more.

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Episode Thirty - Chorus with Morgan Grace Jarrett

Word: Chorus
Guest: Morgan Grace Jarrett
Bio: Actress and improviser Morgan Grace Jarrett is super funny and literally one of the funniest people I know. You might recognize her as the face of the Today Show Concert Series and all kinds of UCB shows. She is an improvisor on the team “Grandma’s Ashes" (which performs every Saturday at the UCBEast and they’re amazing, so you definitely should). She’s also currently in the show The Bachelor: Romance, Roses and Romance and co-hosts the Lady Improv jam Ladies Night: Men WelcomeSo many chances to see this talented lady perform, but if that’s not possible for you, here you go: Twitter, Tumblr, official site. Enjoy!

Discussed: Joss Whedon, bullies, Joy the Baker and significant others.

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Episode Twenty-Nine - Coffee with Justin Shanes

Word: Coffee
Guest: Justin Shanes
Bio: Justin is the Bo Jackson of comedy. Justin knows stand-up. Justin knows improv. Justin knows writing for “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” But that’s not all! You can also read the funny things he types into phones and computers on the website Twitter.com on his own personal webpage right here! “Follow him,” as the kids would say!

Discussed: Borders, Koni, NPR, and the travails of being an astronaut.

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Episode Twenty-Eight - Madness with Erik Anker

Word: Madness
Guest: Erik Anker
Bio: Erik Anker is a man who wears many hats. Literally. I’ve almost never seen him without one. In addition to that he performs standup in clubs and dive bars across the country, co-writes for this website, writes and produces sketch comedy, and maintains a Twitter you should follow. If you know anything about Denver comedy, you’re already a fan. And if not, well, you probably will be soon enough.

Discussed: Bill Burr, the Invisible Woman, bathrooms, and a new animal friend of the show.

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Episode Twenty-Seven - Autumn with Pete and Pete Co-Creator Will McRobb

Word: Autumn
Guest: Will McRobb
Bio: I’ll start with the big one: Will McRobb, along with Chris Viscardi, was one of the co-creators of Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Since then he’s worked on a long list of television shows and films.He is a father, a recent transplant to Los Angeles, and lately has been appearing live on stage along with Pete and Pete cast and crew in a series of live panel discussions in New York, Chicago and maybe a city near you?

Discussed: Fighting, blasting caps, manliness, and old-timey words.

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Episode Twenty-Six - Mixtapes with Mike Doughty

Word: Mixtapes
Guest: Mike Doughty
Bio: Wanna know who’s fun to talk to? Mike Doughty. Additionally, he is also the author of The Book of Drugs, solo musician, former leader of Soul Coughing and a prolific tweeter. If you’re a fan of things that are great, then you are probably already familiar with this guy. 

Discussed: Fire, illegal downloads, New Yorker, fictional band names.

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Episode Twenty-Five - Fire with Brandon Scott Jones

Word: Fire
Guest: Brandon Scott Jones
Bio: Brandon Scott Jones is a very funny man and he does all kinds of funny things. These include a Twitter account, being on the Harold Team “Grandma’s Ashes,” the sketch group “Stone Cold Fox,” and the UCB Touring Company. He’s also part of the cast of friend-of-the show Matt Moskovciak and Ben Stadler’s “This is Not a Sketch Show: A Sketch Show” which is currently running at the theatre. Check all of these things out!

Discussed: Homemade Halloween costumes, drunken wandering, and Best Picture winners throughout history.

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Episode Twenty-Four - Fantasy with Lev Grossman

Word: Fantasy
Guest: Lev Grossman
Bio: Lev Grossman is the New York Times bestselling author of The Magicians, its sequel The Magician King, and several other wonderful books. Additionally, he has worked as a journalist for The Village Voice, Entertainment Weekly, Time Out New York, Salon, The New York Times, and Time Magazine. He also writes for the Internet on his blog and his Twitter. In the past, he has sat in very close proximity to Lou Ferrigno.

Discussed: The Shire, The Shi’ar, signing body parts, and the first edition Monster Manual’s Rakshasa.

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