Each week on Wonderful, Thanks, Brooklyn comedians Ramsey Ess and Adam Maid invite a guest to discuss the stories, facts and thoughts they have about that week's word.
Each week on Wonderful, Thanks, Brooklyn comedians Ramsey Ess and Adam Maid invite a guest to discuss the stories, facts and thoughts they have about that week's word.

Episode Twenty-Six - Mixtapes with Mike Doughty

Word: Mixtapes
Guest: Mike Doughty
Bio: Wanna know who’s fun to talk to? Mike Doughty. Additionally, he is also the author of The Book of Drugs, solo musician, former leader of Soul Coughing and a prolific tweeter. If you’re a fan of things that are great, then you are probably already familiar with this guy. 

Discussed: Fire, illegal downloads, New Yorker, fictional band names.

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Episode Twenty-Five - Fire with Brandon Scott Jones

Word: Fire
Guest: Brandon Scott Jones
Bio: Brandon Scott Jones is a very funny man and he does all kinds of funny things. These include a Twitter account, being on the Harold Team “Grandma’s Ashes,” the sketch group “Stone Cold Fox,” and the UCB Touring Company. He’s also part of the cast of friend-of-the show Matt Moskovciak and Ben Stadler’s “This is Not a Sketch Show: A Sketch Show” which is currently running at the theatre. Check all of these things out!

Discussed: Homemade Halloween costumes, drunken wandering, and Best Picture winners throughout history.

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Episode Twenty-Four - Fantasy with Lev Grossman

Word: Fantasy
Guest: Lev Grossman
Bio: Lev Grossman is the New York Times bestselling author of The Magicians, its sequel The Magician King, and several other wonderful books. Additionally, he has worked as a journalist for The Village Voice, Entertainment Weekly, Time Out New York, Salon, The New York Times, and Time Magazine. He also writes for the Internet on his blog and his Twitter. In the past, he has sat in very close proximity to Lou Ferrigno.

Discussed: The Shire, The Shi’ar, signing body parts, and the first edition Monster Manual’s Rakshasa.

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Episode Twenty-Three - Unusual with Ben Stadler

Word: Unusual
Guest: Ben Stadler
Bio: Mr. Ben Stadler is a right funny chap. He has been a writer on a variety of UCB Maude Teams, such as 27 Kidneys, High Treason and Arbuckle. Along with previous guests Matt Moskovciak and Lucas Klauss, he’s also a member of the sketch group The Bilderbergers. If you want more from him, he would be happy to provide it to you, via Twitter, as @thebenstadler.

Discussed: Microphone placement, questions guests ask when they’re on podcasts, morning radio and an awful lot (perhaps too much) about our new partner Stitcher Radio.

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Episode Twenty-Two - Stars with Mamrie Hart

Word: Stars
Guest: Mamrie Hart
Bio: Mamrie! Here’s a lady with her hands in many pies. She is on the UCB Maude Team “Fambly.” She hosts the always entertaining stage show “Celebrity Funeral.” Not enough Mamrie for you? Okay! Check out her web series “You Deserve a Drink" or follow her on Twitter @mamriehart!
Discussed: Dole, ALF, weird botany professors, and drunk magazine purchasing.

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Episode Twenty-One - Apocalypse with Lucas Klauss

Word: Apocalypse
Guest: Lucas Klauss
Bio: Lucas is the author of the brand-new book Everything You Need to Survive the Apocalypse (also available as a Kindle book!) is available from Simon and Schuster. He also is a member of The Bilderbergers. His writing has been featured online at McSweeney’s and College Humor, and in Splitsider’s list of the best humor writing of 2011. He’s also a very friendly person.
Discussed: Robots, X-Men, catchphrases, and high school sports.

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Episode Twenty - Danger with Myq Kaplan

Word: Danger
Guest: Myq Kaplan
Bio: Myq is a professional stand-up comedian who has appeared on Conan, Late Show with David Letterman, Last Comic Standing and his own Comedy Central Presents. More importantly, he’s super funny. If you would like to see that for yourself, you can follow him on Twitter and check his website to see when he comes to your town. (And listen to this episode of the podcast.) 
Discussed: Jackie Robinson, brain injuries, John Byrne, and the Cranberries.

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Episode Nineteen - Cheer with Cirocco Dunlap

Word: Cheer
Guest: Cirocco Dunlap
Bio: Cirocco is a writer, performer, improviser and actor living in good ole Brooklyn, and she’s darn good at all of those things I’ve mentioned. She’s recently had a few articles posted on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency (which are wonderful), in January she will be seen in a weekly show at the UCB Theatre directed by Shannon O’Neill, and according to her resume, she speaks conversational French and Spanish!
Discussed: Siri, carolers, Cheers, and collecting TV Guides. 

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Bonus Episode One

Word: Letter
Guest: N/A
Info: Take a trip back in time and hear the test episode recorded by Adam and Ramsey without a guest, before the podcast existed! Hear us figure this thing out and hit the ground running in a super rare bonus episode!

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Episode Eighteen - Evil with Erik Tanouye

Word: Evil
Guest: Erik Tanouye
Bio: Erik is another funny man to come out of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. He has been on Harold Teams, Maude Teams and all kinds of things since 2002. He currently writes for the sketch team Neighbor Boy and has been contributing writer for the Onion’s ONN video network, directed all kinds of things as well. He’s even been known to do some standing-up comedy from time to time.
Discussed: Terminators, cartoon devils, Criterion DVDs, and lots and lots of genocide! It’s a Halloween episode!

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